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 ‘Making it Happen’

Conference and Exhibition



Government Department Conference and Exhibition Internal image

The Conference

Atomic Weapons Establishment ‘Making it Happen’

Conference and Exhibition

Our client needed a state-of-the-art facility designed, built and fully operated to showcase the new work direction that was planned for the establishment.  It needed to excite and motivate its workforce for what was perceived as being a very difficult workload that was coming down the tracks.

Government Department Conference and Exhibition seating arena

The Brief

We need a large fully bespoke secure exhibition area with an adjoining large auditorium for up to 300 persons to run multiple shows to explain to our staff the direction of travel within the facility and its new challenges and the ways forward.  And by the way it needs to be built withing the establishment to nuclear facility health and safety standards and be secure as the content will be classified.  

Government Department Conference and Banners and graphics

The Venue

This very unusual subject matter required that all of our staff that were involved on the build and running of these multiple events had to achieve full security clearance as well as to undergo and pass nuclear site safety training and build to extremely stringent health and safety nuclear site protocols. One to one client security personnel were allotted to each of our build staff whilst we took a sixties building and transformed it into a series of fully supported spaces over a two week build period.

The Delivery

We created 800 square metres of exhibition space and a full conference set build designing and installing all electrical, lighting and audio-visual systems, a full air conditioning plant, power generation and all graphics. The event itself with 14 separate run-throughs each for some 300 staff at a time meant a very busy two weeks for us.

Government Department Conference and Exhibition seating arena
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