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The Show



INTERMAT Paris, held every 3 years, is one of the three year cycle of global exhibitions for construction equipment and processes. It brings together all the professionals working in the sector hosting 183,000 visitors and over 1,500 exhibitors.

The Brief

To design a large 22 x 12m (264sqm) internal island stand for the Engines Division that provided a dramatic Launch Pad for Kubota to showcase its capabilities.


The brief incorporated maximising the full potential of the excellent hall position to maximise the flow on and around the stand and to provide feature areas for a series of product displays, innovation and technology demonstrations with two soundproof air-conditioned meeting spaces with AV support.  


Another request was - we don’t want anyone to miss us! 

Kubota at Intermat Exhibition showing machinery, hoop banners, internal graphics and AV screen

The Design

Our response was to first look closely at their competitors. It was vitally important that whatever we proposed did not follow any of the trends or design directions of these companies and provided real difference. Secondly, we looked closely and in depth at Kubota itself and its heritage.


What we came up with, was startling, and was definitely not what they were expecting!


However, during our discussion it became apparent that after hearing our explanation as to why we had designed this concept, that this would provide them with everything they had asked for as well as a completely new and fresh approach. It was considered so unusual and perhaps controversial that it was referred to board level in Japan for approval.

Kubota at Intermat Exhibition design overview

The Delivery

Once commissioned, we took on-board the total responsibility for the design, construction, and delivery of all aspects of the project. We organised everything from the delivery of the engines onto the stand, down to the supplies of coffee for the meeting rooms. Our full-service provision included staff on-hand to clean the stand each morning; provide full cover throughout the show open periods as well as taking care of all the Audio-Visual content.


Visitors could walk straight onto the stand, meander amongst the product, meet staff and engage. The lovely, cool back of house area provided a peaceful corporate space where visitors were surrounded by Kubota and its hospitality.

Hydroid at Oceanology International Exhibition
Kubota at Intermat Exhibition showing machinery, hoop banners and AV screen
Welsh Government at GDC, Game Developers Conference
Kubota at Intermat Exhibition showing machinery, hoop banners and internal graphics
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