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Optum Colour Logo
Optum internal showing graphics, AV screen and podium.

The Shows

Optum a major player in US health care data technology saw a real opportunity in the UK and Europe to work alongside health care industries. Working alongside our Partner US OSPI Company we were commissioned to provide a unitary but

custom-built stand for use over some twenty shows all over the UK.

Optum internal graphics and seating area.

The Brief

Optum wanted a professional and consistent look to be achieved at each of their attended events on a fully turnkey basis. At all of the events we paid particular attention to the location of the stand, ensuring it was situated in the high activity areas to guarantee full engagements with delegates was achieved and stocked and issued all of their stand collateral.

The Design

The stand position in each venue came first then we ensured that the design was changed to fit the available spaces but still kept to the design ethic of being  welcoming, inviting and professional and where visitors were able to sample the benefits of the software systems by the use of touch-screen technology

Optum internal design showing graphics, AV screen and podium
Optum internal banner graphics
Proslide at IAAPA Exhibition
Optum internal screen and graphics
Sigma at The Photography Show Exhibition
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