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Kubota at Bauma Exhibition overall stand.

The Show



Bauma is the world’s leading trade fair for construction, building material, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.With 200,000 square meters of hall space, 414,000 square metres of outside space and over 495,000 visitors from over 200 countries.

The Brief

Kubota asked... What can you do here?


We have a site that’s smaller than we wished for but, that’s our maximum allocation, but it’s in a great position.


We need something to really make visitors stop, look and listen to what we have to offer.


Can you look to maximise the display space and keep the open approachable feel that you delivered at Intermat? And can you come up withsomething that  achieves this and is affordable?



Kubota at Bauma Exhibition, we took it upstairs.
Kubota at Bauma Exhibition overview of the design.

The Design

Our success with the client has been based around not doing the expected or ordinary but still delivering something that just works, both from a display and a functionality level. Kubota are world class engineers so we had to make sure we also made the presentation look this as well.

The Delivery

Design is like a journey, it’s a means of getting somewhere. Our brief was to maximise the space, show the engines off and create something that was accessible and friendly that stopped people and encouraged footfall. The curved walls with a simple, open layout allowed by gaining the necessary space gained by the

double-deck achieved this. It looked so simple and that was our aim to make sure the products shone and not the stand. Winning a platinum World Stand Award

for the design was a welcome added achievement.

Government Department Conference
Kubota at Bauma Exhibition showing full exhibition stand with branded graphics and stand off logo.
Platinum World Exhibition Stand Award.
Kubota at Bauma Exhibition showing machinery.
Welsh Government Seafood ConExpo
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